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Be ready to go.

It is exciting to think that you'll be in a class shaping the future and changing lives at any moment after you graduate. Wouldn't it be great to have some industry insight? Perhaps have help readily available? Even find additional classroom experience before you start? We've got you covered.

Find experience

If your teaching prac isn't enough for you, book yourself into lessons with teachers.


Find school events you can to attend and join a community.


Collect free teaching made by teachers.

Keep up to date

Follow various social media groups including the Feed, Teams and Schools and be connected.


Keep your eye on and be ready for the next step.

Many more...

The U:Flow app is FREE! Try it today!

From the Director

dylan-picasso 2 - copy_edited.jpg

Dylan Welford

"As a student, I loved all of my teaching pracs, and even stayed in contact with one of my mentors years after I finished. If I had the option of spending more time in a school of my choice, what else would I do in my days off work? I'd love to hear what you think of the Connect program."
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