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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

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About Head to Health

Head to Health can help you find digital mental health services from some of Australia’s most trusted mental health organisations.

Provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care, Head to Health brings together apps, online programs, online forums, and phone services, as well as a range of digital information resources.

Whether you are trying to improve your own sense of wellbeing, looking for help with something that is bothering you, or helping someone you care about—Head to Health is a good place to start.

What types of services and resources can I find here? Head to Health lists 757 digital mental health resources from Australian organisations. These include:

Evidence-based apps and online programs that can help you build personal skills and track progress.

Dedicated online forums and other peer support services where you can talk to people with similar experiences.

Phone, chat, and email services, if you're looking for confidential, professional support Mental health websites created by trusted organisations that give you detailed information and advice on specific mental health topics.

How effective are digital resources? Digital mental health resources are particularly beneficial for people with or at risk of mild to moderate mental health difficulties, or people supporting someone with mental health issues. Quality digital resources are convenient, accessible, and private. They can be used as standalone supports, or in combination with face to face therapies. If you need or prefer to talk to a health professional in person for specific advice and assistance, we recommend the National Health Services Directory to find professionals near you.

Who's behind Head to Health? Head to Health is a collaboration between the community, people with lived experience, the mental health sector, and the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Service providers on Head to Health Resources listed on Head to Health are from trusted Australian service providers and meet the following criteria:

  • free or low-cost digital mental health resources

  • nationally available, and

  • publicly funded.


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