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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

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Hangman is a classic word game in which you must guess the secret word one letter at a time. Challenge friends from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or The Free Dictionary, or go up against random opponents across all platforms.

  • Guess one letter at a time to reveal the secret word.

  • Each incorrect guess adds another part to the hangman. You only get 7 incorrect guesses.

  • Rack up more points than your opponent after 3 rounds to win the game!

The Points

You can score up to 10 points for each correct word. Points are subtracted for each incorrect guess. If you get 2 correct answers in a row, you'll get 2x the points (up to 20 points) for the second word. For 3 or more consecutive words, you'll get 3x the points (up to 30 points) for each word. Try to keep your streak going!

The Words

You can look up your answers in the dictionary at the end of each round. Clicking on a word will take you to, or to The Free Dictionary mobile app if you have it installed. Download the app from the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone Store to bookmark your favourite WordHub answers or share interesting new words with your friends.


If you need help finding a word, click the Hint button (or press Alt+L on your keyboard).

  • Each hint costs 1 coin and will give you 1 letter.

  • In multiplayer games, there is a limit of 10 hints per round.

  • If you start a round with fewer than 10 hints and you use them all, you can get more coins to redeem for hints during the round by clicking the Hint button.

  • If you start a round with no hints (i.e. you have no coins), you will not be able to get more during the round, so stock up before each round!

  • After each round, you can see which letters were found using hints by both you and your opponent.


Coins* can be redeemed for hints or to upgrade to Hangman Pro.

  • Every player gets 20 coins to start. Click the icon in the toolbar or menu to get more.

  • You can buy coins via the coins menu.

  • Get coins for free by challenging your friends! Earn 15 coins instantly by clicking the social icons to post a challenge to friends on Facebook , Google+ , or Twitter .

  • For every new player who accepts your challenge, you'll get 15 more coins!

*Coins have no cash value.

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