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Friends for Good

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

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About Friends for Good

Friends for Good is a volunteer driven not-for-profit and Australian loneliness pioneer.

OUR VISION People free from loneliness.

OUR MISSION We raise awareness of loneliness as a significant issue in the community and address gaps in services to foster a greater sense of connection and wellbeing for individuals and communities.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES We focus on prevention as an overarching principle.

  1. We embrace diversity and leverage our different strengths for a greater good

  2. We are respectful to everyone

  3. We are committed to what we do

  4. We aim to facilitate greater connections for individuals and communities

  5. We seek to collaborate rather than isolate, and lead by example


  • Always exhibit a vehement desire to pursue our mission

  • Our conduct is perceived by others as exuding energy and passion


  • Compassionate in our style and demeanour

  • Being thoughtful about the difficulties of others

  • Open-minded, understanding and willing to learn

  • Listen first, talk second


  • Strive for a brighter and less lonely future

  • Seek resolutions for every roadblock or obstacle

  • We are bound by our belief that we can make a positive difference


  • Respectful to one another and value positive teamwork

  • Take responsibility individually and collectively

  • We carry out agreed evidence-based actions





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