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Ballet Class

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

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Price: Free

iPod Library Access: $6.99

Ballet Class: $15.99

Nutcracker Class: $9.99


About Ballet Class

The Pianist for your classical dance lesson - The perfect app for dance teachers.

Ballet Class is the APP with piano music for your dance lesson.

So many tunes to use for all exercises.

With Ballet Class, you can choose the piano piece you prefer among a list of tunes, composed and played by professional pianists, ordered according to the traditional sequence of exercises which usually structure a classical ballet class.

Choose the tune, set the speed and the number of bars, to adapt to your exercise, and start your dance class accompanied by the wonderful Ballet Class music, your own personal pianist!

Music for every dance step, ideal to use for your daily practice, in your dance school.

The best app that allows you to use classical music pieces played on piano to personalize your dance lesson. Here's Ballet Class.

Create your own playlist with your favorite songs, to customize your class with piano tunes. Make your dance lesson unique! Discover Ballet Class.

Download it, comment it, share it, listen to it and enjoy your lesson!

Idea and Project

Andrea Piermattei


Gianna Bolotova

Mladen Dabizljevic

Fabio Ghidotti

Albi Goodman

Marcelo Pablo Spaccarotella

Paul Square


Filippo Mera

Production Snc

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