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Association of Independent Schools of South Australia

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

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The Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) leads, supports, represents and advocates for the independent sector in South Australia to enhance the success, sustainability and strength of its member schools. Established in 1975 with 14 members it now represents 100% of the independent (non-Catholic, non-Government) schools in SA. The AISSA is the peak body for the Independent school sector in South Australia and is a member of Independent Schools Australia which represents independent schools nation-wide. The AISSA provides a forum for debate on significant policy issues and plays a leadership role in providing advice and information, representing individual schools and the sector.

Across all of its activities, the AISSA is guided by: a commitment to the independence of member schools to develop in ways that embody their individual philosophiesa belief that the Independent sector offers genuine diversity that ensures parents have real choice in selecting their children’s schoolinga commitment to integrity, excellence and expertise.

For more information about the AISSA’s purpose and priorities please see the AISSA Strategic Intentions.

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