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Kick start your career

Whether you are looking for work, or looking to start work with confidence, we've got what you need to help the beginning of your career. You'll have connections to teachers and schools, and be in the know of what you need to know.

Job search

If you need support for your lessons, the Connect program allows you to book someone to join your class. Whether it be because of a bigger class, or even to help a specific student, it is up to you.


Keep up to date with many school events and become a part of many communities.

School directory

Every school. Every detail you need.

Expression of interest

Be in line for the ideal replacement or TRT job by adding your name and qualifications to respective 'Expression of Interest' lists. Allow hiring staff and daily organisers to contact you instantly using the U:Flow app.


Create the professional networks you want and improve your teaching practice.

Many more...

The U:Flow app is FREE! Try it today!

From the Director

dylan-picasso 2 - copy_edited.jpg

Dylan Welford

"I'll admit, starting now is a tough gig; there's just so much more teacher's need to be on top of before even getting to developing teaching practice. So connecting teachers at all levels of experience, from as many schools as possible, to me, makes sense. If there's a way you think we can help you more efficiently, please, let me know."
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