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Year 8 Visual Art | Shepard Fairey

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Learning focus: The unit aims to develop skills in drawing, painting acrylic and using digital technology. ✅ Work samples ✅ Feedback generator ✅ ACARA links Steps: 1️⃣ Create a reference 2️⃣ Begin sketch 3️⃣ Painting skills 4️⃣ Paint major artwork 5️⃣ Research and analysis of artwork. What you need: ✅ Lead pencils, erasers and rulers. ✅ Paint brushes and water tubs. ✅ Colour printer (that can print A3). ✅ Acrylic paint: Warm and Cool (Red, Yellow and Blue) + Black and White. ✅ A3 Canvas or thick card paper (to paint on). 🟡 A3 or A4 Paper and access to a printer (If students are doing the booklet). Included resources: ✅ Adobe Photoshop templates ✅ Acrylic painting skills sheet ✅ Video tutorials (YouTube links) ✅ PowerPoint introduction ✅ PowerPoint topic presentation(s) ✅ Work samples ✅ Assessment details + rubric ✅ Rubric ✅ Feedback generator Knowledge extension: ✅ Watch ✅ Listen ✅ Read ✅ Click ✅ Download

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